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Tim and Tracey Curtis do not merely build structures; they craft experiences

Tim and Tracey Curtis, the visionary developers behind the Mountain Life Motorcoach Resort, stand as titans in the realm of construction and design. With a combined experience of over three decades, this power couple has left an indelible mark on the landscape of real estate development, ranging from residential housing to monumental churches. Tim, a seasoned builder and General Contractor, and Tracey, armed with a degree in interior design, bring a unique synergy to their projects. Their journey, marked by a commitment to excellence, has recently manifested in the creation of a groundbreaking project - the Mountain Life Motorcoach Resort.

Tim Curtis, a master builder with over 30 years of experience, embarked on his career journey with an unwavering passion for construction. His early years saw him honing his skills in various capacities, from residential projects that became cornerstones of communities to the grandeur of constructing large churches. Tim's commitment to quality craftsmanship and an astute understanding of the intricacies of building earned him a reputation as a reliable and skilled General Contractor. His roles have also extended beyond the physical act of building to include project management, budgeting, and collaboration with diverse teams.

In tandem with Tim's prowess in construction, Tracey Curtis brings a refined sense of design to their collaborative endeavors. Her career has been characterized by an unwavering commitment to creating spaces that marry form and function seamlessly. Her early years in the field saw her contributing her design expertise to a diverse array of projects, establishing her as a versatile and skilled interior designer.

Tracey's approach to design goes beyond aesthetics; it delves into the experiential aspect of spaces. Each project she undertakes is a canvas where she weaves together elements of comfort, style, and functionality. Her ability to curate environments that resonate with the intended purpose of a space has been a driving force behind the success of their joint ventures. From residential interiors to commercial spaces, Tracey's touch transforms every project into a harmonious blend of visual appeal and practicality.

The Curtises' journey took a captivating turn when they set their sights on Gatlinburg, Tennessee, a locale known for its enchanting beauty nestled in the embrace of the Great Smoky Mountains. Here, against the backdrop of nature's grandeur, they conceptualized and developed a cabin resort that would not only celebrate the splendor of the region but also set new standards in luxury living. This project marked a departure from their previous endeavors, showcasing their adaptability and creative ingenuity.

The Mountain Life Motorcoach Resort, their latest venture, represents a pinnacle in their careers. Tim and Tracey, drawing inspiration from their extensive travels in their motorcoach across the country, sought to redefine the concept of full-time motorcoach living. The resort is not merely a collection of structures; it is an immersive experience designed to elevate the lifestyle of those who choose to make it their home. Tim's construction expertise ensures the structural integrity of the resort, while Tracey's design sensibilities infuse every space with a touch of luxury and functionality.

Mountain Life Motorcoach Resort stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, luxury, and the pursuit of excellence

What sets the Mountain Life Motorcoach Resort apart is the Curtises' commitment to refining the standard of luxury. Their goal is to provide more than just shelter; they aim to create an environment that enhances the quality of life for those who choose to call it home.


The idea of redefining full-time motorcoach living comes from Tim and Tracey's personal experiences. Their travels across the country in their motorcoach allowed them to absorb the best ideas from various landscapes and cultures. The result is a resort that encapsulates the essence of their journey, incorporating elements inspired by the diverse places they explored. This firsthand experience ensures that the Mountain Life Motorcoach Resort reflects a genuine understanding of the needs and desires of those embracing the motorcoach lifestyle.

Tim and Tracey Curtis do not merely build structures; they craft experiences. The Mountain Life Motorcoach Resort is a testament to their ability to weave a narrative through architecture and design, creating a space that goes beyond the physical dimensions. It is an embodiment of their shared vision to redefine luxury living and set new standards in the realm of full-time motorcoach experiences.


Beyond their professional achievements, the Curtises are known for their philanthropic endeavors. Their commitment to community development reflects a holistic approach to their impact on the regions they touch. Actively supporting local initiatives, Tim and Tracey emphasize their belief in giving back to the communities that become home to their projects.


As Tim and Tracey continue to shape the landscape of real estate development, the Mountain Life Motorcoach Resort stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, luxury, and the pursuit of excellence. Their journey, marked by a rich tapestry of projects, serves as an inspiration for aspiring professionals in the industry, showcasing the transformative power of passion, vision, and collaboration in the ever-evolving world of construction and design.

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